List of products by brand Haftina Atelier

Haftina Atelier - Manufacturer of high quality embroidered Vestments, Altar Linens, Alter tablecloths, Canopies and Flags. They are one of the top European embroidery producers and have been operating for the last 25 years. Haftina as a company with an excellent reputation was chosen to supply embroidered vestments for World Youth Day in 2016.

3-6 weeks delivery

Luxurious Gothic Priest Vestment, made of very comfortable, breathable and soft material 80% PE, 20% wool, perfectly tailored, and beautifully decorated by experienced tailors. Chasuble features rich embroidered orphrey band from the top to the bottom on both sides of the chasuble. Design features with astonishing coloured thread raised IHS symbol accompanied by breath taking ornaments. Robe is accented by satin gold trim all around and soft roll collar around the neck. This piece of art comes with matching, good quality underlay stole with a cross design.