• Black & Purple

    Black & Purple - Polish Manufactuer of the highest quality clergy shirts - available in wide range of fabrics and sizes. Clerical Polo, Poplin, Fil A Fil, Non Iron, short and long Sleeved Clerical Priest Shirts.

  • Charistia

    Charistia – Family run bakery business producing communion wafers and hosts. These are made with a double-sided design along with your choice of highest quality flours: wheat, rye, or low-gluten. Charistia was founded in the 70’s near Pope John Paul II’s birthplace.

  • Dubik Candles

    Dubik products are  very unique... Most of the Candles in our offer are made of beeswax, hand-painted by artists and available in various types, shapes and styles with beautiful designs which will decorate and add charm to any place.

  • Haftina Atelier

    Haftina Atelier - Manufacturer of high quality embroidered Vestments, Altar Linens, Alter tablecloths, Canopies and Flags. They are one of the top European embroidery producers and have been operating for the last 25 years. Haftina as a company with an excellent reputation was chosen to supply embroidered vestments for World Youth Day in 2016.